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I am utterly devoted to the present moment. Don't move into the past because that is memory; there is no relevant existence to your memory anymore. Don't move into the future because that is only imagination. Just remain here, and you will be surprised. If you are just now here, all thoughts disappear, because all thoughts are either of the past or of the future. No thought is of the present. The present is so pure, so clean, so clear, just an opening into the cosmos. This is Zen, and this is the key to enter into life eternal. The very feel of life eternal takes all tensions, anxieties of old age, of sickness, of death, and birth away from you.

- Osho

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Es Dhammo Sanantano Vol. 01 - एस धम्मो सनंतनो भाग-1 (Version  1.0)     Es Dhammo Sanantano Vol. 02 - एस धम्मो सनंतनो भाग-2 (Version  1.0)     Es Dhammo Sanantano Vol. 03 - एस धम्मो सनंतनो भाग-3 (Version  1.0)     Es Dhammo Sanantano Vol. 04 - एस धम्मो सनंतनो भाग-4 (Version 1.0)     Atma Pooja Upanishad Vol. 01 - आत्मा पूजा उपनिषद भाग-1 (Version 1.0)     Es Dhammo Sanantano Vol. 05 - एस धम्मो सनंतनो भाग-5 (Version 1.0)     Es Dhammo Sanantano Vol. 08 - एस धम्मो सनंतनो भाग-8 (Version 1.0)     Bhakti Sutra - भक्ति सूत्र     Chal Hansa us Des - चल हंसा उस देस     Hansa To Moti Chuge - हंसा तो मोती चुगैं     Kathoupnishad - कठोउपनिषाद    



Antar Ki Khoj - अंतर की खोज     Come Follow To You, Vol 1     Hari Om Tat Sat:The Divine Sound - That is the Truth     Ajahun Chet Ganwar - अजहूं चेत गंवार     The Dhammapada:The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 04    


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