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Theologia Mystica

Theologia Mystica These Osho talks on the letters of Dionysius, the first Christian bishop of Athens, to his disciple Timothy, bring to light the mystical depth hidden in the Western theological tradition - a mystical depth that can speak to and inspire us all.
"You come across a man like Dionysius and the very presence of the man is enough: the very presence becomes a proof that there are many more things in life than you have ever dreamt of. The presence of the man penetrates your very heart."
Osho’s commentaries on these letters alternate with answers to questions such as how to conquer greed, lust and sex, what real miracles are, why there is so much unrest in India and how to go beyond desire and attachment.
Whether he is answering a question, commenting on the sutras, or telling a joke, Osho uses everything put before him to indicate the authentic truth - available to us all - alive, fresh, and irresistibly challenging.


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